BeardShop's Cotton Bag


BeardShop's dark navy-blue cotton bag is not a shopping bag you take to fetch rolls, milk and chives in the morning. Hell no.


It's capacious and can easily contain books, laptop, documents, lunch, something to drink (not necessarily booze), wallet, cellphone, and all the other gizmos you'll need during the day.

It's rugged and durable due to the material weight of 220 g/m2, and thoroughly edged with a durable thread. 

It's stylish and we don't vouch for your friends' reactions, plus, you'll need to cope with all the compliments and touching on your own. 

It's ecological and was made in Poland from Polish cotton. 


Color: Dark navy-blue

Measurements: 390 x 410mm

Material: Polish cotton, material weight 220 g/m2

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