OAK Beard Wash

Removes the marks of day and night from the beard and face.

The BEARD WASH is suitable for all types of beards but mainly for all types with beards who appreciate good quality care. After all, the beard not only comes into contact with food, fluid and smoke, but it’s also subjected to shaping and care products, such as beard wax and oil, that stubbornly remain in the thick beard. With a special combination of natural agents BEARD WASH ensures a thorough cleansing of the beard while remaining gentle to the skin at the same time. The sugar tensides and the moisture retaining cleansing agents, based on coconut oil, prove particularly effective in the process. Organic malt extract strengthens the facial hair, while oils of vetiver and grapefruit refresh and add a manly scent.

The certification in accordance with BDIH confirms the use and careful handling of herbal active agents and nourishing ingredients in combination with the latest scientific findings. Free from synthetic fragrances and colouring, silicones, parabens and mineral-oil-based raw materials.

Contains: 200ml


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