Silver Label Shave Soap

SKU: MN_0007

Mr Natty has really pushed the boat out for this one. Whether you be ragtaggle, ruffian or royal, shaving should always be done as though one is a proper toff. Time to cover your boat race with our hand-made, 100% natural, solid shave soap with real silk fibres and a refreshing lime and peppermint fragrance. The silk fibres create the smoothest, creamiest lather to allow your blade to glide like a swan through your face forest. It's like getting the family silver out on your face. Packaged up in our trademark Natty tin (with a Silver Label no less), it's perfect for reconnaissance missions, special manoeuvres, dirty weekends or all three together.

No artificial colours or fragrances in this tin. It's sovereign.

Contains: 80ml


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