The Dapper Duke

An emphatic answer to the quandary of man. A slapdash approach to man maintenance just won’t do, old chum. Bid farewell to itchy, irritating whiskers and haywire hairstyles with The Dapper Duke. We specialise in all things follicle: beards and moustaches right up to the hair on your head. Soften dry beards. Twist a dashing ‘tache. And – we must insist – nurture the neglected skin from whence it all springs. By jingo! You’ll be at your most devilishly handsome in no time. Tended by the fair hand of Mother Nature Every last one of our oils and waxes is made using natural stuff and no synthetic nonsense. Core ingredients like jojoba, almond, argan and pure vitamin E soften even the prickliest facial hair. And handpicked essential oils add subtle aromas while delivering a healthy payload of skin benefits. All mixed to absorb into your hair and skin easily. No greasiness for you, captain. We believe in helping our bearded brethren The Dapper Duke’s oils and waxes are scrupulously handcrafted in small batches by fellow follicly-endowed gentleman. Long story short? We got tired of searching for oil that was good for our beards, good for our skin and all natural too. After lots of frittering around with essential oils we’ve got the balance absolutely bob on. We are resolutely independent. Chipper chaps to boot. (Say hello if you won’t take our word for it.)

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