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How to groom a beard or mustache so it grows faster and is more impressive?
There are a few proven ways to help grow men’s facial hair. There are also certain golden rules which have to be kept.

1. Resolution
Conscious decision about growing a beard or mustache is the first step toward having one. You have to be confident about this decision, you have to be confident about having a shaggy face. When you finally decide that you’re grooming a beard or mustache - remember that moment. Be consequent, remember what you’ve decided on.

It takes about 4 weeks for the beard to take shape and cover the face. It is a tough period and you’ll feel discomfort more than once. At such moments, tonics and oils might be helpful since their ingredients perfectly nourish skin and hair, soothing the itch at the same time.
Give yourself some time, give it also to your facial hair. Growing it takes time and you knew it when you decided to have a beard or mustache. You did it self-consciously, so you’re more resistant to temporary temptations to shave it.

2. Sleep
Sleeping is the natural regeneration cycle of human body. While you’re sleeping, your beard grows faster. Remember to sleep a lot and sleep well. Have a good sleep!

3. Stress
Avoid stress as it is the main reason for hair loss. Because of stress your body slows down regeneration processes and its natural resistance drops down significantly. Take care of your psychological comfort and stay stress-free while growing a beard or mustache.

4. Diet
Facial hair is like muscles - it needs proteins to grow. You should remember about healthy nutrition if you want your beard to be magnificent and thick. Eat a lot of products rich in proteins like fish, eggs, dairy products or beans. Drink a lot of water so your body gets rid of toxins faster. You’ll notice the difference yourself if you follow this diet.

5. Accept what you possess
Do not expect that you’ll get as hairy as Wolverine in one night. Work with what you’ve got, be proud of it. Not every square millimeter of your facial hair is as thick as you’d want it to be despite you’ve given it a month to grow? Accept it, give it another month. This is not a reason good enough to give up your resolution.

6. Combing
Both head and facial hair likes to be combed. If your facial hair is long enough to be combed - do not hesitate to do it. Don’t be ashamed, it's very pleasant and worthwhile at the same time. Combing cleans the dirt and small bits of skin off your beard and mustache, and it makes hair follicles stronger. Consequently, your facial hair has more stimuli to grow abundantly. That's why it's good to have a comb or brush in your pocket all the time.

7. Care
Good sleep, proper diet and combing is not yet everything. Remember to take care of cleanness and condition of your facial hair. Wash it regularly, preferably with natural soaps or special soaps for facial hair. Tend it with oils or tonic..

8. Trimming
Not every hair grows with the same speed, you’ll notice that yourself after some time. Shortening a beard and mustache is an inherent part of growing it. Do it every now and then. Regularly trimmed hair does not halve itself and is stronger. Carve your beard and mustache.


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