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The art of transferring shine to hair is not as new as it seems. While many associate pomades with rock'n'roll and the half of the bygone century, their history remains far more longer, in fact it is a bearded history.

The first efforts to cram shine, scent and strength necessary to keep unruly hair in one place date back to ancient times. At that time the pomades were made of apples – hence their name (Latin, pomum). For those of you who feel their inner lumberjack-self the fact that the successive formulas were based on, among all, bear fat, may be interesting. However, the beginning of the 20th century brought a breakthrough, namely, coming straight from the oil-bearing fields of the USA, vaseline.

When the pioneers of the contemporary hair care learned how to pack stylish shine into cans which at the same time were filled with aromatic extracts, beeswax and other ingredients mixed with vaseline, the revolution on various types of men of fashion's heads has begun. Clark Gable, Rudolf Valentino or Humphrey Bogart applied pomade on their hair to underscore their own and their characters' masculinity. Pomades available today aren't much different from those used by the Hollywood stars.

In the meantime, some of the hair-grooming gentlemen begun to think of less shiny hair styling methods. Producers doubled and tripled to finally create a full range of pomade gloss levels – starting with those super-glossy to mat clay products. In order to level the shine, pomades where enriched with a variety of waxes, the most mat of them contained china clay (hence its name, „clay”).

Thus, pomade lovers, it doesn't matter whether you identify yourselves with Don Draper or Mad Men, whether you feel that the antique Triumph and leather jacket combine best with shiny hair groomed into ducktail style, you should know the rules, formulated over the years, of how to use a stylish rascal, dandy and gentleman's gun – the pomade.

  Firstly, greenhorns in the world of pomades should begin with delicate mixtures of, the so called, light hold. They are easier to apply and harden slower, allowing to style hair for a longer time.

  Secondly, while applying a pomade you should remember that is said to be like a woman: it needs a bit of warmth. Those attached to this metaphor warm it in their fingers, engineers-rationalizers use, for instance, hair dryers, or they dip the can in hot water.

  Thirdly, the golden rule that says the less the better works also in the case of hairstyling. Finish the styling with a comb.

  Fourthly, after you make your hair shiny, remember that it's not good to shine while you're asleep. Carefully wash your hair after using the pomade. It will help you to keep the hair clean.

  Fifthly – seek for your own style. From the shine (dependable on the added amount of oil), through scent, up to the final effect on your head. The ways of making a good use of a pomade are countless. In this case, we recommend experiments.

Commandments are commandments but you may still feel a small insufficiency. Although Moses had a beard, he didn't have a choice and couldn't ask any questions when he obtained his set of rules. You, on the other hand, may and should ask. That's why we drew up the most frequently asked questions. Below you will find your...


Pomade FAQ:

1. Can you sleep with a pomade on?

We do not recommend it, unless you have a subscription for daily bedding change, or you love the smell of your pomade so much that you want to rub it into every nearby object. Seriously, pomade can be easily spread on bedding and clothes, and, hence it consists mainly of greasy substances it's difficult to clean the materials covered with it.

2. How to wash the pomade off my hair?

Shampoo, shampoo, and again shampoo. A lot of shampoo. Pomades are durable cosmetics which allows them to durably beautify your hair. This durability, however, requires a few more minutes in the shower. Special shampoos for pomade removal can be found in our shop.

3. My hair is unruly, can I find a pomade that will tame them?

Sure thing! You have galore, everyone can find a pomade suitable for him. From the very strong ones, through light options, from super-shiny to mat ones, from citrus to musk scents. It's best to ask your mates who have already been using them, and then try out a few to be able to choose the perfect one.

4. Why does my hair disobey me?

Applying a pomade is an art that can be mastered for years. Fortunately, even a beginner can handle light pomades. They are easier to apply and harden slower. For the first few applications it's best to use small amount and spread it with your fingertips. It's also good to warm the pomade with your fingertips rubbing them, and then comb your hair with fingers.

5. What does the pomade hold mean?

It refers to the strength that a pomade holds hair with. Pomades with a strong hold are usually more difficult to use as they harden much faster.

6. What if the pomade hardens on hair in the middle of styling?

If this happens you should use a hair dryer and direct the warm air at hair. You may also comb your hair with a wet hand in the trouble spot. Warmed pomade should surrender.

7. Everybody wants to touch my hair, how to live on?

With dignity, mates.


When you finally get used to the pomade and apply it easily on your hair, you'll see that the guy in the mirror is the bowse. You will also notice that your hair seems to be stronger and healthier, or that your notebook gained a few hot chicks' numbers but this is a totally different story...

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